S J Denney Returns Home with Charming Effort ‘Tread Carefully’

The last we wrote about S J Denney, we were surprised to see him delve into flamenco territories, crafting the charming and frankly hypnotising gem ‘Shadows In The Night’. It marked a strong shift in the project’s usual sonic references, while also highlighting the strong eclecticism the British songwriter has to offer. Now, S J Denney finds his way home with ‘Tread Carefully’, a song that sees him returning to beloved folk and rock stylings, his ‘homeland’ – if you will. 

Except, ‘Tread Carefully’ is once again much more than that. While the songwriting might be delving into classic singer-songwriter introspection, the execution blends a more universal sound, decisively more poppy and cinematic. Strong evidence of that is the irresistible ending, featuring a wonderful sax solo and dreamy vocal harmonies.

Describing the lyricism behind the song, Denney explains: “Like all my songs, ‘Tread Carefully’ was born really quickly. I’d been thinking about an ongoing saga with a friend and reminded myself that I needed to tread carefully. As soon as the voice in my head said that, I knew it had to be a title.”  

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