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Rich Kid Express Delivers Polished Rock Anthem ‘Find My Way Home’

‘Find My Way Home’ is the rocking new single courtesy of American singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rob Richardson. Better known by his moniker of Rich Kid Express, Rob’s latest tune is a straightforward, classic rock gem. A positive and heartfelt track about always being able to return to a place where help and happiness can be found, ‘Find My Way Home’ sends out a message of resilience, hope, and reassurance. In times of uncertainty and adversity, just find your way back home.

Gaining some serious traction, the song already has over 22,000 plays on Spotify in less than a month. It won’t come as such a shock to anyone who hears it though, as its polished production and genuine emotion make it a simply irresistible rock anthem.

Inspired by the likes of Aerosmith, KISS, T-Rex, and AC/DC, Rich Kid Express embodies the essence of a rock ‘n roll hero with ‘Find My Way Home’. “I’m just trying to make some new fans and get my songs out to the people who still love classic hard rock,” he says. Well, a fan has most certainly been made on this side of the world! Here’s to many more!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Find My Way Home’ on Spotify now:


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