Rich G and Suspenceful Team Up on ‘Get Rich Quick’

A triumph of boom-bap punch and minimalism, ‘Get Rich Quick’ develops on icy, hard-hitting and majestic beats, often pairing drums with a skeletal melodic arrangement, pivoting charming synth lines and complex effects. It all works wonders in creating an atmosphere that feels dark and reflective, yet fierce and slightly creepy (the exciting way). Honestly, we are big fans. Although drenched in tradition, the album manages to feel fresh and contemporary, pivoting the best of both worlds. 

It’s all thanks to New York-based talents Rich G, MC and rapper, and Suspenceful, terrific producer and sound explorer. Having known each other for the better part of ten years, the pair decided to join forces on ‘Get Rich Quick’, a choice that evidently paid off. The record is a banger. 

Describing the lyrical inspiration behind the album, the pair explains: “The album is a play on the term “get rich quick” because it is a debut project to get to know Rich G quickly, but it also is a brief project packed full of financial tips and money making topics, as well as a glimpse into Rich’s journey from poor to well off.”

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