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Restless Youth Shares Eclectic EP ‘No One Talks Like That’

Emerging from Leeds, Restless Youth are one of the freshest offerings we have heard in a while. From the wisdom of their young age – a time when everything seems possible and artistic research is flying high – the five British creatives manage to build a sound that’s uniquely their own. Blending pop and indie influences with jazz’s typical eclecticism, the group fiercely take the listeners on a revealing and exciting musical journey. To top it all, Restless Youth also feature charming spoken words, signalling the incredible modernity contained in their material. 

After taking a break in 2022, the Leeds natives are now back with a brand new EP, ‘No One Talks Like That’. At a time when the music industry is saturated with generic pop tunes and cookie-cutter bands, Restless Youth’s latest record is a breath of fresh air, the promise of a brighter future. With drums, bass, keyboards, saxophone, and violin, their music is an infectious blend of jazz and pop that’s sure to get your feet tapping. They’ve been wowing crowds at various venues in Leeds, turning even the most reluctant listeners into dancing mobs.

But it’s not just the music that sets Restless Youth apart. Their lyrics are just as captivating, telling stories that are both personal and universal. Navigating themes of young romance, masculinity, empowerment and dedication, the EP celebrates meaningful storytelling – spreading messages that perfectly fit our modern times. 

A group to watch out for! 

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