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Red Telephone’s Debut Album ‘Hollowing Out’ is Genius

When you’re being compared to the likes of MGMT and Berlin-era Bowie, it’s fair to say that you’re onto something quite sonically special. Red Telephone is a five-piece alternative-rock act hailing from Cardiff, and they’ve just released their extraordinary debut album entitled ‘Hollowing Out’. It’s a dystopian-tinted masterpiece that draws on inspiration from a wide range of influences; everything from Kate Bush and St. Vincent to the soundtracks of Blade Runner and Uncut Gems. Thematically, ‘Hollowing Out’ deals with the heavy stuff…alienation, identity, monotony, and the general struggles of survival in this modern, social media age. 

‘Happy Man’ is the album’s second tune, and it’s one that I was instantly drawn to. That Tame Impala-esque bassline, those dreamy synths, and the distant, floaty vocals of lead singer Declan Andrews…just perfect! ‘Wanna Sleep Tonight’ follows ‘Happy Man’, and it’s another track that takes you on a synthy, spaced-out ride that you don’t wish to end. Expertly layered, deeply rich, and wonderfully distinctive.

I won’t spoil the other eight songs for you. I am jealous, however, that you now get to experience them for the first time. Lucky bugger! ‘Hollowing Out’ is a cracking debut album, and Red Telephone mean serious business!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Hollowing Out’ on Spotify now:


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