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Plasman Releases Immersive Record ‘Variable Mira’

An album that would make Curtis Roads proud, ‘Variable Mira’ is an enlightened collection of immersive textures and fragrant pointillistic goodness, delivered with elegance by Italian-based producer and visionary Plasman. Not an album for everyone, the record takes the listener on a journey through leftfield and avant-garde electronica, exploding into a delicious euphoria of analogue synthetisers and digital drones. A deeply hypnotising experience. 

Described by its author as “six neocosmic tracks designed to travel through time, polyrhythm and sound layering”, ‘Variable Mira is also a controlled record: Plasman doesn’t just randomly put soundscapes together. Rather, he embarks on informed sonic research, scavenging the qualities of each sound and the relation between frequencies. The result is absolutely commendable, showcasing the mature artistry enjoyed by the Italian wizard. 

Speaking about the album, Plasman explains: “The superimposed alternations of arpeggios, phases and counter-phases, beats and dilations generate sound-flows that drive the ear – and the imagination – to a place without dimensions, a singular fracture of Time: from which era do the notes come from? What time are we in? And how much time has passed?” 

Recommended! Discover ‘Variable Mira’ on Spotify, out now via Italian label 51beats: 


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