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Pitstop at Jayd Ink’s new EP ‘Catching Red Lights’

Stop right there and slow down, it’s a red light. Lean back and fall into Jayd Ink’s new RnB EP “Catching Red Lights”. A three-track project that made me want to drop everything I was doing, turn down all the lights, relax and maybe also invite someone over 😉

Apart from my personal superficial opinion, “Catching Red Lights” is a project that was actually crafted during the hard times of the pandemic with the intention of capturing the feeling of slowing down in an introspective way. It’s that intimate RnB feels that she is delivering with her voice that just mixes so well. Her tone has something that reminds me of Nao and Normani’s which I love.

With a conceptually coherent title to her EP, the first track “Queen St” also contains elements of lo-fi music that make the track feel very current and fresh, distinguishing it from classic RnB/Soul music. Produced by Los Hendrix who worked on SZA’s huge song “Good Days”, “Queen St” also got its own music video that features Jayd Ink driving around in beautiful looks, singing along.

The other two tracks are “Rollin” and “Stuck On Earth”, where I can hear influences from artists like Ariana Grande and Jessie Reyez.

If you are a fan of all these artists you are in for a treat, so remember to slow down and enjoy the ride through Jayd Ink’s new EP “Catching Red Lights”.

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