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High School Friends And Spanish Rock Trio Los Sindes Released Their First Single ‘Playa C’

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the trio played separately in local bands. In 2018, lead singer and guitarist Sito and drummer/singer Manu got together to write material and lay the groundwork for what would later become Los Sindes. After taking a break from the project, the two reunited with the addition of bassist and singer Rodri, and they began gigging in the Sacramento Area.

After a couple of months of recording, the band released their first single from their upcoming EP. Their brand-new single ‘Playa C’ has an Indie Latin flare that is simultaneously both gritty and warm. The smooth bass riffs glide you through the song as the guitar strums and drums create an upbeat dreamy backdrop full of sunshine and warmth. The vocals are effortless and occasionally indifferent, giving the song a nonchalant edge.

All coming from Latino immigrant backgrounds, the group combines their South American roots with their new age and post-punk influences to create a unique and distinctive sound. The production of the track has a DIY feel that is seemingly intentional, adding to the overall image of the band. 

The more I listen to ‘Playa C’, the more I like it, and I’m intrigued to hear what else the new Spanish rock band has in store.

Listen to ‘Playa C’ by Los Sindes on Spotify now:


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