Petra Jasmiina Recounts Her Experience in New York in ‘Jackie O Lake’

What is it that makes people risk everything they got in the search for artistic validation? Perhaps is the transformative and celebratory power of art, capable of elevating our inner consciousness to higher grounds. Or, maybe the act of ‘creating’ gives people a purpose, something they feel is worth fighting for. For Petra Jasmiina, pursuing her inner talents meant packing a suitcase, getting on a plane and leaving everything, moving from her Finnish motherland to the quirky and intense streets of New York. 

‘Jackie O Lake’ – Jasmiina’s latest effort – seeks to describe exactly that very same experience, recounting the feeling of excitement and inspiration that helped her kickstart a new life. As Petra explains: “This song is the beginning of not only my story in New York, but also my story as a musician. It was written at a moment when my brave leap to follow a dream seemed to have ruined my life. Just like the beautiful place it was written in, this song is a glimmer of hope and peace amongst chaos.”

Pivoting her powerful and evocative vocals, Jasmiina builds a cinematic and poignant, almost theatrical gem, borrowing orchestral elements to build a timeless and elegant pop piece, the perfect companion for such meaningful lyricism. 

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