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Feyer Closes a Chapter with Eclectic EP ‘Bridging The Gaps’

Everyone has their own reason for making music. Could be an effort to stimulate a career out of it, looking for commercial and financial glory. Or, it might purely be a means for personal expression, an artistic tool for growth. The latter is exactly the case for Feyer, New York-based creative exploring an eclectic and kaleidoscopic brand of pop music. For Feyer, writing songs has always been a way to deal with a complex reality, trying to find answers to existential questions. ‘Bridging The Gaps’ is the project’s latest effort, the completion of a journey that took its author into adult life, passing through a global pandemic and darkening world peace. 

“This EP was birthed out of the Covid-19 pandemic, when everything felt so uncertain. Outwardly with the uncertainty in the world, but inwardly too, I was struggling with my own future and the future of the music world in general.” While this is a common theme nowadays, Feyer manages to decline it into relatable, elegant and friendly material. A collection of tiny soundtracks, ‘Bridging The Gaps’ takes the listener through honest, heartfelt songs, interpreted by the evocative vocals of the New York artist. An absolute delight.

“I hunkered down in my home studio and continued making the music I felt passionate about. This album, released steadily over the last few years, will complete a 2 year-long creative journey that is essentially closing out both a full musical chapter and my 20s as a whole.” A transformative journey, taking Feyer into adulthood. We are confident the record will connect with many listeners out there – just give it a chance.

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