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Parjam Parsi Shares Melancholic Piano Album ‘Blue Butterfly’

The keen reader will gladly recall reading about Parjam Parsi not long ago in our very same publication, when we delved into an important piece of his back catalogue, ‘DIALOGUE’. At the time, we proudly declared: “The Armenian composer, pianist and producer has had a long history of creating ambient masterpieces, crafting soothing sonic landscapes enriched by his intimate, poignant piano playing.” We stand by our words, as we dive into another of Parsi’s past records. 

‘Blue Butterfly’ was originally released in 2017 by Winter Music Entertainment, and it’s the project’s 5th studio album. A rather melancholic and sad affair, the record once again builds its identity on Parsi’s evocative piano performance, taking the listener through a fictional story that’s filled with a touch of melancholia – in fact, it could very well break your heart. 

Following a young butterfly named Azure, the album soundtracks her explorative efforts. While living in a gracious woodland with his kin, Azure decided to go look for the moon, for which the butterfly developed a veiled attraction. Unfortunately, a tempest would intercept the journey… 

As Parjam Parsi explains: “Fierce gusts of wind battered Azure, his wings struggling against the violent currents. His fragile body was tossed and turned, a mere pawn in the cosmic tumult. Amid this celestial chaos, Azure’s strength waned, his frailty exposed. With one final gust, his wings betrayed him, unable to withstand the merciless forces around him. As his luminous blue form plummeted toward the void below, a bittersweet calm washed over Azure’s fading consciousness.”

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