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Nównøis Navigates an Alluring Sea of Harmonies and Textures in ‘Incomplete’

When approaching Nównøis, one must be ready to enter an unknown musical universe, a place where cultural references are scrambled, zeroed, and compositional stylings are built through a careful layering of harmonies, soundscapes and scattered beats. Quite impressive – what also draws us into the project so much is the perfect blend between relatable vocals and sonic research. In essence, the London-based creative manages to fit decisively pop and indie lyricism into a leftfield, almost experimental framework. 

‘Incomplete’ is the biggest evidence of it. Nównøis’ latest effort, the record starts with dark and haunting textures, featuring field recordings of a storm. Soon enough, the talented artist joins in with her evocative, cinematic vocals, exuding charisma and gravitas. Going forward, glitchy drums (resembling a far-away RnB groove) help the song stand out from the crowd, really supercharging what’s already a compelling electronic formula. As you would expect, ‘Incomplete’ comes to a resolution among a sea of harmonies and soundscapes.

A multi-talented figure, Nównøis seems to be flourishing in his own artistry. Having debuted only this year, it’s clear we’ll see the project landing on bigger stages soon. Industry, take note. 

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