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Not the Xmas Song You Were Expecting: Discover Jesabel’s ‘Christmas Mood’

Well, this is not your typical Christmas song. We should know: every December we get hit by a plethora of in-theme records. Some good, some not so much. All share the ambitious goal of becoming the next Xmas wonder, a very rewarding (and life-changing) position to be in. While many of the above-mentioned releases focus on heartwarming, poignant tones, others explore an alternative path, looking for a fresh perspective on a classic formula. 

Jesabel did exactly that. Emerging from Florida, she was able to deliver a track that cleverly intertwines the idea of creating a festive atmosphere with the suggestion of more intimate moments. Sharing a youthful, seductive vibe, ‘Christmas Mood’ brings to mind a glamorous holiday party as depicted in a Bond movie, rather than a classic family-powered gathering. 

Surprising? Not. After all, Jesabel is not your typical musician. It was only when she became a new mom that she discovered her passion for music, at the age of 27. She had never sung in front of anyone, not even her husband, before deciding to pursue music full-time. In the years since, she has become a successful gigging musician, songwriter, and recording artist.

It shows. ‘Christmas Mood’ is a worthy listen. Channelling a luscious soul and bluesy vibe, the track feels bright, hopeful and light. It brought a smile on our faces. It’s a fierce Christmas in Jesabel’s household. 

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