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Norwegian Grammy Winner William Hut Shares Relatable and Uplifting Song ‘Don’t Give Up’

Describing himself as “I’m nothing special, just an average soul among common people. Aging doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you wiser”, William Hut might be selling himself short. Hailing from Norway, Hut has been navigating the music industry for the best part of his life, achieving success with his work with Norwegian Grammy winners Poor Rich Ones.

Now, the refined vocalist turns his attention to solo work, showcasing great songwriting prowess and the ability to not take himself too seriously, a rare quality nowadays. 

The Bergen resident offers ‘Don’t Give Up’, the first record since previous 2019’s effort ‘Snowfall’. Welcoming Hut’s return, we feel compelled to motivate you (the reader) in pursuing the track and familiarize yourself with the Norwegian singer. You see, there’s a surprisingly refreshing honesty in his artistic output: the uplifting kind, able to turn your day around. On a bed of modern indie-pop, William manages to build a complex network of harmonies and recurring hooks, keeping the track relatively short, yet punchy and memorable. 

Describing the track as “a song about living with mediocre self-esteem and everyday anxiety”, Hut provides a musical number that will resonate with many listeners out there, offering much-needed solace and support. 

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