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Noosh Debuts with Introspective and Ethereal Gem ‘Bury It’

Reading about Noosh’s debut effort is a transformative experience. Even before we listened to the song, diving into her press material was highly interesting, revealing the work of a very talented and inspired creative, exploring her inner consciousness to find authenticity and true self-worth. Emerging from the US, Noosh is sharing her first release to date, a stunning art-pop and electronica gem with a knack for ethereal and eerie vibes. How could not be that way? In ‘Bury It’, Noosh embarks on a journey to find the source of her deep shame, a feeling that doesn’t belong to her, rather, it’s a societal construct, stimulated by strict religious and small-town upbringings. 

Sonically, it’s quite impressive: channelling modern heroes such as Billie Eilish, the track stays on the minimal side, fully supporting and uplifting Noosh’s evocative and intense vocals, able to draw the listeners into an emotionally-charged and complex song. Synth matter, vocal effects and abstract textures complete what’s a very compelling musical picture. 

Describing the personal evolution that took her to express her feelings in ‘Bury It’, Noosh explains: “It took work to climb out and accept that the dense shame I all but carved into my body was not mine, and the narrative I swallowed to end up there was moot. Channelling that fountain of feelings into poetry with imagery, double/triple entendre and references that make me smirk or raise an eyebrow is how I find joy and resolution in the scar tissue.”

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