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No See Ums Return with Full Album ‘Elephants at the Airport’

We were writing about Brighton-based outfit No See Ums rather recently, celebrating their single ‘Flags’ as “a nostalgic jump into the peak punk era, a return to the grittiest guitar tones, the most vivid vocals and a general chaotic flair”. We stand by our words: the British outfit throws it back to a careless, spontaneous era, in stark contrast with an industry that’s ever more clinical and measured. 

Drenched in fuzziness, No See Ums now return with a sizeable album offering. Titled ‘Elephants at the Airport’, the record sees the English band unveil a slightly more eclectic character, a sign that their creativity is not closed in a punk-flavoured box, but rather extended to a nostalgic look at the entirety of rock history. Tracks such as ‘Beijings Finest’ showcase Now See Ums’ nuanced side, leaving distortions aside in favour of cleaner tones and a heightened sense of poignancy. 

Speaking about the songwriting universe behind the album, the group explain: “One of social commentary and a wry view of a country seemingly amid a Cold War with itself”. Sharing obscure storytelling and historical hardship, ‘Elephants at the Airport’ is an effort we can get behind, at least for our weekly ‘70s fix’, if you know what we mean… Recommended!

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