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Dirty Mitts Return with Bluesy Rock’n’Roll Single ‘Electric Kid’

We’ve had our fair share of encounters with Dirty Mitts. Hailing from London, the talented group is the embodiment of classic, sleazy rock energy, often built on nostalgic guitar tones and slow-tempos, laidback grooves, usually with a certain ‘bouncing’ quality to it. It’s the good old rock’n’roll, echoing a time when distortions weren’t pushed to the max yet. That’s what Dirty Mitts stand for, executing it extremely well.

‘Electric Kid’ is the band’s latest effort, a charming, alluring piece that’s the epitome of what is described above. Upon an energetic, vibrant blend of blues-flavoured riffing and guitar solos, the British rockers layer their clean, charming vocals, here delivered in true Robert Plant fashion. In particular, ‘Electric Kid’ was commissioned by fashion designer Mounir Ghazi, who also wrote the lyrics. 

Delving into Ghazi’s songwriting, Dirty Mitts explain: “A vivid picture of his journey from a shy kid to a fearless individual, navigating the complexities of life with resilience and determination”.

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