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no drinks on the dancefloor Unleash Energetic Debut Single ‘Devil Eyes’

no drinks on the dancefloor is a brand new four-piece alternative-rock act hailing from the county of Essex in the United Kingdom. A few days ago, I was introduced to their debut single ‘Devil Eyes’, and was utterly captivated by the raw energy, passion, and electrifying soundscape! A tune that could seamlessly slot onto the classic Arctic Monkeys album ‘Whatever People Say I Am…” with minimal adjustment, ‘Devil Eyes’ is a guitar-driven banger that marks a seriously exciting beginning for the band.  

Lyrically, the beauty behind the track is that, while relatable, the act wants listeners to find out what it means to them. “It can really mean whatever you want it to mean,” says frontman Jack Solder. “Whether you are chasing a new girl or going through a messy breakup, you can mould the lyrics to fit your situation”. 

The band have come a long way from practising in their school’s music room, and have made appearances at the legendary Chinnerys Southend. Recently, they’ve been spending a lot of time at the incredible and world-renowned 123 Studios in South London, honing in and perfecting their signature sound. It’s a sound that we cannot wait to hear more of, and we look hugely forward to hearing what this talented lot can do! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Devil Eyes’ on Spotify now:


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