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Enjoy Stefan West’s Punchy and Infectious New Tune ‘Take What You Need’

It’s been three years since independent artist Stefan West graced the world with new music, but he’s finally back in the form of ‘Take What You Need’, his latest anthemic and infectious tune. Exploring the journey of investing oneself entirely in certain situations, only to feel depleted and let down when the anticipated outcomes fail to materialise, Stefan goes on a soul-searching mission for understanding and purpose. “This song was actually written whilst working a trade job at the beginning of Covid,” says the musician. “I remember climbing up and down a ladder to voice note different lines of the verse”.

Working alongside fellow Australian singer/songwriter Aaron Schembri, Stefan used the track’s creative process as a cathartic experience. Channelling all of his emotions and life experiences, it beautifully captures the very essence of the artist’s personal battles with addiction and his eventual triumphs.

Looking to the likes of Blink-182, The Killers, and The Rolling Stones for inspiration, Stefan’s genuineness is what makes his music appealing. He’s currently working on his debut full-length album that will be titled ‘Cambridge’, and our anticipation is brimming as we look forward to hearing more from him!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Take What You Need’ on Spotify now:


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