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moreofthem and Maisi Team Up on Hyper-Pop Gem ‘i know you’

Pop perfection doesn’t exist… but you can get pretty darn close to it. moreofthem and Maisi know it well, teaming up on hyper-pop-flavoured banger ‘i know you’. Pairing superlative production value with futuristic and melodious vocals, the pair is able to deliver a record that’s as shiny and fresh as it can be, fully placed in the contemporary global pop landscape. 

Clocking in at just under three minutes, ‘i know you’ wraps the listeners in playful vibes and vibrant lyricism, exploring what it means to feel love towards someone who doesn’t feel the same way. But no worries: the song is not in any way melancholic or misty; rather it is witty and lively, with Maisy lending her precise, sharp vocals to an exceptional production, courtesy of moreofthem.

Boasting tons of support from the wider music industry, the two talented London-based creatives have in all likeliness a bright career ahead of them – and even if they hadn’t, ‘i know you’ would already be a glorious triumph in the complex and nuanced artistic world. 

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