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iñigo quintero Conquers Fans Worldwide with ‘ES SOLO MÙSICA’

A rising star in the Latin pop world, iñigo quintero is quickly conquering the English-speaking market too, thanks to a series of poignant, evocative records that are as fragile and honest as they are elegant and vibrant. ‘ES SOLO MÙSICA’ is iñigo’s latest effort, an impressive EP that functions as a deep exploration of the artist’s own emotional universe, particularly in relation to the cathartic power of music and arts.

Featuring five stunning and relatable pieces, ‘ES SOLO MÙSICA’ goes from galloping, uplifting anthems (such as Lo Que Queda De Mí) to more nuanced, reflecting gems (‘El Equilibrio), passing from stadium-ready ballad material (‘Nada Cambia’ being the perfect example of that). It’s easy to understand why quintero was able to rally so much support behind him: simply, his music speaks to everyone’s inner soul. 

Speaking about the inspiration at the core of the EP, iñigo explains: “It’s a sanctuary, a space where I can both lose and find myself, and I want it to offer, my listeners and fans, a unique opportunity to get to know me authentically. My ultimate goal for this EP and the music is that it becomes a universal language that facilitates an intimate connection between me and the world, and reveals my purest and most honest essence in its creation.”

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