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Moon and Aries Create Pure Magic Yet Again on Soulful New Single ‘Traffic’

Once again, I am indebted to fellow music lover and lead writer Gabriel Mazza for introducing me to Moon and Aries, an international duo with a penchant for fusing just about every genre and style you can imagine! Made up of composer and producer Tom Aries (Germany) and singer/songwriter Jordana Moon (Canada), the pair recently unleashed their soulful and smooth new single in the form of ‘Traffic’. Joining them on the tune is a saxophonist known only as “Jokomagic”, and they provide that funky and sexy element that simply takes the track to the next level. A mixture of 80s and 90s retro R&B, a little bit of jazz, and a whole lot of spice, ‘Traffic’ is a song you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Having come to the realisation that life is full of its own traffic, the duo set out on a journey to overcome life’s obstacles and congestion. “How do you get through this amount of traffic?” they ask. “Do you give up, slam on your breaks, and go back home? Or do you take control and take the wheel!”

We’re beginning to run out of superlatives to describe Moon and Aries. Unafraid to go where the music takes them, the pair consistently craft boundary-pushing and inventive tunes. We’re seriously in love with these two!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Traffic’ on Spotify now:


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