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Molly Baker Returns with Pop-Punk Flavoured Gem ‘Beautiful Chaos’

It hasn’t been long since Molly Baker took the world by storm. Debuting only 2 years ago, at an incredibly young age, the Californian newcomer instantly showcased a knack for relatable storytelling and guitar-based songwriting. Of course, things have evolved, with Baker’s sonic references shifting from RnB-flavoured pop to acoustic and ethereal bays, always maintaining her poignant and luscious vocals. Now, Molly returns with her first record of the year, ‘Beautiful Chaos’. 

In it, the Los Angeles singer shuffles the cards a fair bit, working on a charming punk-rock arrangement, a feature that works surprisingly well with her vocals, sharing a punchy and authoritative quality that we hadn’t noticed before in the project. Perhaps, ‘Beautiful Chaos’ resembles Baker’s growth process, and her slow but steady transition from teenage to adulthood. This is also reflected in the lyrical theme. As she describes it: “the song is all about that painful ride to your first day of high school and the first day of your freshman year. We’ve all agonized over it but we all made it through those first few days and found our crowd and created some life long friends.”

Written with Pete Adams and Jenni Rudolph, the single perfectly aligns with modern pop trends, allowing Molly to be once again at the forefront of the music scene – it won’t be long until she collects the attention of big industry actors. For now, though, we get to be her niche listeners, although her audience seems to be growing by the day. Rightly so. 

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