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Mild Horses Announces New Album ‘Return To Dust’

If we could describe Mild Horses’ sound in one word, we’d choose ‘eclecticism’. That seems the primary quality the London-based sonic wizard has to offer. Balanced over guitar-powered shoegaze tones and abstract electronica, the project is as original as they come – forging its path in a standardised music landscape. Following up on Mild Horses’ 2021 debut –  ‘Ignorance To Enlightenment And Back Again’ – the British talent now shares his latest effort, ‘Return To Dust’, a 10-track album containing all the best features he has to offer. Leftfield artistry for the pensive and keen listener. 

Introduced by lead single ‘The Work’, ‘Return To Dust’ is expected for release on Friday 10th. Luckily, we were able to catch a little preview on Bandcamp, the only place where the record is available as of now. Diving into it is like jumping into an infinity pool: you never know what you’ll find, but you are ready to be mesmerized. And so were we. 

‘Return To Dust’ draws a parallel with its predecessor, by including ethereal, shoegaze-charged material, boasting large guitars and epic tones. More often than not though it seeks a new beginning, doing so through nuanced and refined electronica. Take for instance ‘Peloton Doomscroll’, or ‘Darkness Crept In’. A true sonic journey for the informed listener. 

Recommended! Look out for ‘Return to Dust’ on Spotify, releasing 10th of March. For now though, enjoy its preview on Bandcamp: 


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