Marlon Bianco Supercharges His Soulful and Jazzy Vibe in ‘We Once Knew’

In March 2020, as the world was going into lockdown, songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Marlon Bianco found himself with some unexpected free time on his hands. He decided to use it to start a solo project, recording songs on a Roland keyboard toy in his North London home. Drawing inspiration from the empty streets of London and his love of cyberpunk and the city at night, Bianco began writing material that’s dark in its character and eclectic in its execution. Channelling everything from psych-pop to soulful jazz and leftfield electronica, the talented Londoner sparked what would become a very proficient artistic project. 

Eventually, Bianco decided to take his endeavour to the next level and record a full-length album. Enlisting the help of Cathy Lucas, singer and producer of Vanishing Twin, he recorded ‘Life in Low-fi’, the project’s first long-length record and its most authentic statement of intent. 

After more than a year, Marlon Bianco is now back on the music scene with single ‘We Once Knew’. Backed by Some Other Planet Records, the track expands on last year’s formula, albeit in a wider and more fulfilling way. A definite step up, the song elevates Bianco’s sonic imprint and reaches new levels of liquid goodness. Drenched in vintage vibes, ‘We Once Knew’ features organic drums, detuned synthesisers and gentle glitches, perfectly framing Marlon’s introspective, deep and evocative vocals. 

The beginning of a chapter for Marlon Bianco. We’ll stay tuned for future releases. 

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