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Beth Sass Unveils Comeback Record ‘Blue Blind Sky’

As if it was a matter of destiny, Beth Sass wrote her first song at the young age of 12. Inspired by the likes of the Beatles and Leonard Cohen, she then went on to study composition at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where her reputation grew thanks to her emotional songwriting and elegant piano skills. A professor at Berklee encouraged her to send her compositions to Nashville, where they were signed by Sony (then Tree Publishing). 

Sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s just reality. Sass is a living example that through passion and dedication everything can be within reach. Sustaining herself with a long career as a performer, the Nashville resident has experienced music and art in multiple aspects, giving particular force and meaning to her lyrical prowess.  

Hungry for personal expression, Beth also nurtured an artistic project, sharing various albums along the way. Now, Sass returns with ‘Blue Blind Sky’, a brand new record supported by Casio Music Gear, who endorsed her as a performer and educator. The single is the first sign of an upcoming long-length effort. The track features a collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer Ira Ingber.

The pair creates a wonderful piece: gentle yet charismatic, the song kidnaps the listener into a soulful and warming sonic universe, even if for a mere four minutes. Building on the best American songwriting tradition, Beth Sass stays true to a classic lyrical formula, a welcome change from the synthetic material we are constantly served with nowadays. 

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