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Maisy Kay Shares Blissful Jewel ‘Sunlight’

Maisy Kay is certainly not a new discovery, nor does she need an introduction: the talented LA-based songstress has been making waves for a while now, thanks to absolutely incredible and evocative vocals that resemble the likes of Lana Del Rey, among others, and a series of illustrious collaboration including renowned star DJ Tiesto. In particular, Kay’s latest effort seems to evoke the same sense of strong nostalgia and pensive blissfulness found in Del Rey’s catalogue. 

‘Sunlight’ is exactly that: a soft yet intense piece packed with gravitas and charisma, incredibly poignant and luxurious. In it, Maisy delves into themes of deep attraction, not from a sensual standpoint but from a gratitude level, narrating the warm feeling of liking someone so much that even the simplest things are a joy to go through. 

Sonically, the record builds its elegant character on a plethora of soundscapes and textures, together with a cathartic piano part and a cascade of spacious vocal harmonies. A truly stunning offering, ‘Sunlight’ deserves your attention in full. 

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