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Maddie Morris Delves into Identity in Latest Album ‘Skin’

A name that’s already known by many, Maddie Morris is an especially bright flower in the world of Folk music. In fact, she embodies the quintessence of a Folk act; meaningful, relevant lyricism drenched in soothing and friendly instrumental vibes, a recipe that’s been working very well for the project. ‘Skin’ is Morris’ latest EP, a collection of ten honest and authentic lyrical pieces, delivered with charisma and softness by Maddie’s lovely and evocative vocal tone. 

In a way, the record functions as a social and political statement, fighting the good battles at the core of today’s society. Pondering about identity, queerness and institutionalised constructs with wittiness and playfulness, Morris shares helpful nuggets of truth, something that’s bound to inspire listeners worldwide. Such lyrical prowess is further enriched by classic arrangements featuring acoustic guitars, fiddles, and sparse Celtic flavourings. 

Not shy about connecting with the cultural world around her, Morris has been collaborating with a plethora of diverse organizations, the likes of Queer Folk, Esperance, and Trans Pride Brighton – she’s a force for good. 

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