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Cedric D Returns with Fresh EP ‘Blue World’

The keen reader might remember Cedric D, San Jose-based creative and producer with a knack for abstract textures and deep eclecticism. We last heard of him with ‘Elevate’, an album we described as “wandering freely, going from chill-out, soothing episodes to more punchy and furious tunes”. Now, he’s unveiling his latest effort, ‘Blue World’, another stunning EP with a healthy dose of electronica, boasting the widest references one can find. 

From arpeggiated synthetisers to long, ambient textures, everything functions as a limitless canvas for Cedric D’s vast imagination, a sign of his artistic stature and technical prowess with production techniques. ‘Blue World’ feels lighter and more uplifting than any previous record, with the American talent delving into reverberated, ethereal tones and frequent orchestral samples. Beats are minimal, yet effective and groovy. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Cedric explains: “In a world that sometimes seems serious we must remember we are just little people living on a big planet”. Perhaps that’s the key to everything; not taking anything too heavily, and just vibe with life. 

Discover ‘Blue World’ on Spotify: 


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