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Maccie and JPRiZM Concoct Electro-Pop Wonder with ‘Back to Me’

On her brand new single ‘Back to Me’, Canadian-based singer/songwriter Maccie collaborates with Boston-based producer and composer JPRiZM to fashion an ethereal electro-pop masterpiece. Merging elements of synth-pop with timeless ballads, Maccie turns her deeply personal experiences into a timeless message of hope and optimism. Her voice defies logic, as she simultaneously creates a captivating blend of tranquility and strength, while JPRiZM’s soundscape expertly reflects the meaning behind his moniker. “Where I’m at musically is like a prism,” he says. “They look different every time”.

Lyrically, Maccie delves into the deepest realms of intimacy. Inspired by her life in the foster care system, the tune is ultimately one of hopefulness and human connection, while still being fully aware of the harsh realities. “The undertones of the song resonate with the deep-seated longing, hurt, and hope of a young soul yearning for her mother,” she says. 

Maccie and JPRiZM’s collaboration on ‘Back to Me’ exemplifies the unique and incredible power of musical partnerships. It also showcases how vital it can be to sometimes step outside of one’s comfort zone and dare to explore new sonic territories and landscapes. ‘Back to Me’ is an absolute smash from start to finish, and I can’t wait to hear what these two get up to next!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Back to Me’ on Spotify now:


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