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Luxembourg-based Duo The Cookie Jar Complot Bring The Goods with ‘Oh Anna!’

‘Oh Anna!’ is, hands down, one of the most absorbing, unique, and captivating tunes that I have heard so far this year. Courtesy of Luxembourg-based post-rock duo The Cookie Jar Complot, the four-minute instrumental track is a high-energy and expertly layered banger. A sonic rollercoaster of epic proportions, ‘Oh Anna!’ is described by the duo as being “a song about breaking rules and tradition by delivering the unexpected”. It does all that and then some, with its cinematic, anthemic, and simply mesmerising soundscape.

Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener are the brains behind The Cookie Jar Complot, and they’ve been active since 2020. Their debut EP ‘CAVIAR CAPITAL’ was released in 2021, and beautifully showcases the duos’ aim of creating compelling instrumental music that one can dance to. 

I have to say, with the exception of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, instrumental post-rock is a genre that I haven’t fully dived into just yet. That’s why I’m so grateful to have come across ‘Oh Anna!’ and this talented outfit – because I will most certainly be going through their discography very shortly. Onwards and upwards for The Cookie Jar Complot – and we can’t wait to hear what they get up to next!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Oh Anna!’ on Spotify now:


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