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Lord Sonny the Unifier Returns with Bubbly Rock Tune ‘Howl’

While rap and electronica are invading mainstream music, rock and guitar-based tunes seem to be taking a definite backseat, championed by a lucky few in obscure basements and shady garages. Fear not, there are still a good number of real, old-school rockers around. Figures championing raw, pure rock’n’roll values, riffing their way up to international stardom. One of those heroes takes the name of Lord Sonny the Unifier. Emerging from Brooklyn, the talented American has been navigating a friendly and relatable personal brand of guitar-based shenanigans, balanced over hard rock and punk, with a certain pop flair. 

Debuting in 2018, Lord Sonny the Unifier has been busy at work, releasing an album and an EP in the process. Earlier this month, he returned to the music scene after an almost two-year-long hiatus, starting a journey that will carry him to his upcoming album in March of next year. ‘Howl’ is the first single taken from the record. In it, Lord Sonny seems to take a slightly more mellow approach, turning the guitar knob down while inserting minimal electronic elements. The result is equally as energetic, bubbly and exciting.

To note, the artist’s vocals are a perfect pair for the fast-paced, busy musical matter. Always in control, effortlessly shifting between screaming and singing. Describing the creative process behind writing the song, Lord Sonny the Unifier describes: “This one was realized during Covid lockdown. I was simultaneously building a new home and studio after the last one burnt down and writing the new album and like everyone, my thoughts were racing, battered and howling. The nail gun was pounding and the saws were slicing through steel and wood. The Laney amp was cranked and the vocals were on the edge.”

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