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LittleFox Unveiles Introspective EP ‘Ghost In This House’

There are two types of artists in this world. The ones who write in response to a deep-rooted need for expression, often reacting to their surrounding, and those who simply aim to fill a quota, trying to engineer material that might be relatable to the listener. LittleFox is the former: for her, songwriting is a way to deal with the present, a welcome tool for exploring her own thoughts and consciousness. Emerging from Vancouver, she’s the artistic project we were waiting for. Honest and heartfelt lyricism, drenched in authenticity and acoustic vibes. 

Debuting in 2020 and slowly picking up her musical pace, LittleFox is a project that was primarily conceived during the pandemic, when Alison Jenkins – the talented human behind the project – looked for consolation and solace in the subtle art of songwriting, something she was very familiar with. While the world was burning around her, she found her perfect space, focusing on art making. A blessed time, until the realization that she wasn’t perhaps in harmony with her surrounding started creeping in. As she explains: “What could I do, or say, or write, in the face of such continued awfulness in the world? How could I weather my own treacherous highs and lows?”

‘Ghost In This House’ is the result of those introspective and reflective times, imprinted on a stunning folk record. Featuring five honest, heartwrenching songs, the EP is an authentic look into LittleFox’s artistry, so well aided by her evocative and dynamic vocals. A worthy offering, don’t overlook it! 

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