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Klaverson Unleashes Spectacular Debut EP ‘Reflections’

We’ve been keeping a close eye on London-based singer/songwriter and producer Klaverson for a little while now, and his meteoric rise has come as absolutely no surprise to us. With millions of streams to his name and support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio 6, and Capital, he’s an artist whose talent and dedication are undeniable.

Yesterday, Klaverson unleashed his biggest project to date, a five-track debut EP filled with atmospheric textures, lush string arrangements, and deeply rich melodies. The first two tunes, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Losing Hope’, are brand new releases, and draw listeners in with cinematic and atmospheric brilliance.

‘Sweet Sensation’ then steps up to the plate, and it’s a track that we previously described as almost spiritual and deeply cathartic. Building itself up gently and with precision, it’s an ethereal journey that immerses you in a world of sonic beauty.

“Life is so busy,” says Klaverson. “I wanted this EP to be a respite and provide people with an opportunity to escape, contemplate, and give themselves space for reflection”.

Ending off with his tour de force ‘You’, and ‘Fate’ which features Chris Duke, ‘Reflections’ is the perfect EP in many ways. A polished and marvellous offering from a musician who we believe is destined for greatness.

Serious EP alert! Enjoy ‘Reflections’ on Spotify now:


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