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Jordi Alkema Releases Dark yet Uplifting New Single ‘Black Lake’

It’s been said that Brighton-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordi Alkema merges the rhythm of Neil Young & Crazy Horse with the lyrical quirkiness of Alex Turner and The Beatles. Well, in that case, count me in! 

‘Black Lake’ is the artist’s brand new single, and it’s an uplifting yet fervent tune that showcases another side compared to Jordi’s previous work. Taking a darker approach this time round, ‘Black Lake’ is a response to intensity and stress, and was penned as a cathartic endeavour that at times feels more like a dream sequence than a song.

“It’s an unsettling piece of music that I hope will make the listener question themselves,” says Jordi. “I want you to feel the anxiety and panic that went into writing this song”.

With a runtime of less than two and a half minutes, it’s pretty extraordinary to witness the depth and power Alkema can achieve in such a concise track. Compelling and deeply expressive, ‘Black Lake’ is the perfect example of a musician who pours his heart and soul into his art.

An undeniable talent, I cannot wait to hear what Jordi Alkema comes up with next. I get the feeling he’s only just scratched the surface of his potential.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Black Lake’ on Spotify now:


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