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Jenny Räisänen Shares Bucolic and Meaningful Album ‘Tell Me The Story Again’

Jenny Räisänen is adamant about the basis of her musical output: pure, unfiltered storytelling. That’s an art form she has mastered over the years and one that perfectly fits her Nordic roots. Originally from Finland, yet now based in Ireland, the talented songstress possesses the pure, unfiltered bucolic energy so common to the Scandinavian landscape. Bathing in mellow yet crepuscular Folk stylings, Räisänen pulls the listeners towards her gravitational universe, wrapping them in meaningful lyricism and introspective storytelling. 

‘Tell Me The Story Again’ is Jenny’s latest effort, a charming and long album with a distinct focus on narration. Observing the world passing by, she explores personal experiences and wider metaphorical themes with the utmost dedication. Crowning it all, we find the Finnish songstress’ evocative and immersive vocals, further empowered by the frequent blissful harmonies. 

Of course, ‘Tell Me The Story Again’ is not a record for everyone; quite traditional and heavily focused on its lyricism, it will find its core audience into dreamers and philosophers, offering perfect scenarios for deep thoughts and existential reckonings. As Räisänen explains: “Every song on the album is a story that the listener can relate to.”

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