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Jane N’ The Jungle Unveil Gloomy EP ‘Life of the Party’

The keen reader might remember reading about Jane N’ The Jungle in our publication a few months ago; the Phoenix-based American group has been one of the most nuanced and interesting discoveries in the alt-rock space, and we welcome with open arms their latest effort, an intense and dark EP which takes no prisoner; rather it transforms every listener into a fan. 

‘Life of the Party’ is exactly like that: a hypnotising and gloomy journey into Jane N’ The Jungle’s heart-shaken lyricism, drenched in themes of addiction and toxic behaviours. A rewarding record, especially for every die-hard rock aficionado. Also, the title track, ‘Life of the Party’ gets given a moody and crepuscular music video, and frankly, there’s a lot of Placebo energy in it – you know what we are talking about! Especially in the band’s vocals. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, frontwoman Jordan White explains: “Welcome to the downfall of our happiness in ‘Life of the Party’, about the multiple realms of addiction and becoming someone’s drug.”

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