Jameson Tabor: In Conversation

‘In the Glove’ is the latest single from Los Angeles-based artist and producer Jameson Tabor. A driving and hard-hitting pop-funk tune, ‘In the Glove’ serves as the follow-up to Tabor’s exceptionally well-received single ‘Touch’. Synth-laden hooks, a seriously funky bass, and unique key changes are the order of the day here, as Tabor creates a soundtrack for his masterful vocals to effortlessly swim over. 

Lyrically, the track explores manipulation, ill intentions, and, ultimately, what it feels like to be taken advantage of. Sharing both perspectives of the story, Jameson digs deep into his emotions and experiences. Stand back – a true artist is at work here!

With hints of Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars, and Michael Jackson, ‘In the Glove’ is certainly a standout song of the year so far!

Intrigued by the project, we caught up with Tabor to find out more about the project:

With ‘Touch’ reaching over 100,000 plays on Spotify, is it important to you that ‘In the Glove’ receives the same “praise”? Is that something that you think about?

To me, it’s never really been about the numbers, as much as it’s just about making really fun and meaningful music. I can only hope for that type of reception with every song I release. That said, would I like it to happen again, um, yes! Absolutely! Haha… but my focal point is the same–get it in front of people. I’ve definitely had to learn the hard way just how important and actually necessary the marketing side of music is. Especially when you’re on an indie budget, it can be a major challenge to just get eyes and ears on your work. Touch is the first song of my own that’s had that type of reception, but I can definitely say that it’s due to all of the energy and effort I’ve put into making sure people out there can find it. Even if they’re all the way in Finland or Sweden (shoutout to all of my fans on the other side of the pond!)

You’ve said that the song took you four years to finally complete. That’s quite a journey! What eventually made you decide to release it?

Haha, yeah… it has been quite a journey! You’re right… It’s funny because the initial ideas for “In the Glove” came to me super fast, and it had been part of a Songsketch Series I was putting out back in 2018, where I was releasing a new song idea every day.

Obviously, with that type of challenge, not everything you come up with has the same impact on you. With this one, I think I always knew it was one I wanted to finish, but I didn’t have the clarity yet on what I was even trying to say. And you know, with all sorts of other ideas coming at me, it had been left to sit in the back of my mind.

Fast forward three years… and I ended up in a situation where a friend of mine completely took advantage of me and it really fucked with my head. I was really angry at first. But to be honest it wasn’t the first time someone I trusted had taken things too far, invaded my space, and just not respected my life. So long story short, I knew, I needed some way to get it off my chest, and the second half of this song came together as a way of taking back my power.

Couldn’t have done it too without the resurge of creative energy brought to the song’s production too by Mark Evich, who has turned out to be one hell of a collaborator. Funk stabs, rhythm guitar, smooth textured synths–Mark really took all of my frustration and made it vibe. That’s definitely hard to do.

You’ve been allowed to collaborate with either Robin Thicke or Bruno Mars. Who do you choose and why?

That’s tough, and I’m definitely a fan of both of their work. I’d probably have to go with Bruno – I mean, that man can write anything and make it hit home. I really feel like the breadth of his musical vocabulary spans so many eras and yet it’s always super palpable. His ballads for me are really where it’s at (although I mean, who doesn’t love some Uptown Funk)… “Leave the Door Open,” “Versace on the Dance Floor,” “Gorilla,” “When I Was Your Man”… even “All I Ask” the Adele smash! I mean, I would love to get into something like that with him, someday. That collab would be a dream.


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