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Jacob Reddy Unleashes Stadium-Ready Banger ‘Wear The Crown’

In January of this year, indie-pop singer/songwriter Jacob Reddy wrote an anthem for his famous hometown football club Blackburn Rovers entitled ‘Ewood Lights’. The tune gets played to around 15,000 people every single home game! And many know the words and sing along. I think that’s quite something! Now, the musician returns with a smashing new single in the form of ‘Wear The Crown, a guitar-driven ball of energy that’s powerful, anthemic, and seriously infectious. Showcasing his songwriting and storytelling ability, the dynamic track is crying out to be unleashed to a large and loving audience. It’s a song that’s proving to be a hit at Jacob’s live shows, and it’s easy to understand why!

With his natural charisma, Reddy is (please forgive me) ready for the big time. His aforementioned live shows are known for their energy and entertainment, and he’s already shared the stage with the likes of The Lottery Winners and the legendary James Walsh (Starsailor).

Reddy will go from strength to strength. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. He’s still young, but he’s shaken things up in the scene already and clearly means business with his music. We can’t wait to hear what he gets up to next!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Wear The Crown’ on Spotify now:


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