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Isla de Luca Debuts with Fierce Gem ‘i already am one’

‘i already am one’ is a glorious, fierce call to empowerment and self-confidence. A stunning record, the single takes the role of debut effort for Isla de Luca, NYC-based songstress with a majestic and charismatic vocal tone. Her artistic recipe is simply irresistible; drawing on power-pop stylings, the track features a healthy amount of distorted guitars together with electronic textures, making for a contemporary and fashionable arrangement. 

The rest is done by de Luca herself, penning sharp, hard-hitting lyricism which will resonate with a wide array of listeners out there. Plus, Isla’s vocals are so powerful and moving, a true gift for any music aficionados. Kickstarting an artistic journey that feels limitless and bold, ‘i already am one’ places the cornerstone for a stunning career. 

Delving into the inspiration behind the song, Isla de Luca explains: “This song is also inspired by an interview with Cher in which she shares how her mother told her she needed to marry a rich man, and she responded, “Mom, I am a rich man”. 

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