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Horizonte Lied Return with ‘Iluminado (Bloodrush Version)’

The keen reader will gladly remember Horizonte Lied, Mexican outfit with a knack for dynamic and electronica-infused synthpop. We were writing about them not long ago, when featuring their previous release ‘Destello Inmortal’. “The record is a vibrant, stylized track that captures the thrilling modernized energy of the 1980s”, we proudly declared. Now, the sonic wizards are back with their latest offering, a rework of a past single, ‘Iluminado’. Being given a ‘Bloodrush Version’, the track gets an uplifting makeover, raising the stakes in terms of grooviness and general euphoria. 

Supported by SynthpopYourWorld Records, Horizonte Lied is on a journey to release remasters of all their old material, celebrating a musical career that started in the 90s and flourished in the early 2000s. The group has always been most at home in synthetic, synth-powered territories, often blending ethereal and otherworldly vocals with retro instrumentals. 

‘Iluminado (Bloodrush Version)’ follows the same script, delving into a world of hypnotising arpeggiators, punchy drum machines and bright, hard-hitting leads. While the sonic matter might call for a lighthearted and uplifting approach, its lyricism is certainly meaningful, as Horizonte Lied explain: “It’s a song about focusing on a positive light in a dark and confusing time”.

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