Hikaru Hidaka Innovates Once Again with ‘another sad night, under moonlight’

Stop everything you are doing: there’s something important that demands your attention. Something you have never heard before. Frankly, not sure you all are ready for it. We sure are though – in our quest for music discovery, it’s a pleasure to come across talented and brave artistic visionaries such as Hikaru Hidaka. Based in London, the project is sort of mysterious, leaving a lot to the imagination when it comes to who the human behind Hidaka is. This also means that the music has complete control over the project’s identity, making it a platform purely dedicated to sonic innovation, rather than commercial trump. 

We love it. We also love Hikaru Hidaka’s latest effort, ‘another sad night, under moonlight’. The single is a stunning offering, building its identity over long, bucolic soundscapes, and glitchy, noisy beats. Drenched in hyper-pop and experimental energy, the track boasts a unique feature in its vocals: a completely mangled tone, so quirky and unique to have lost its entire human character. 

Speaking about the lyrical innovation behind the track, Hikaru Hidaka explains: “I was inspired by ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’. So the woman in this song is imaged by Charlotte. The dilemma between love and except love beat the young woman, I wanted that feeling to get into this song.”

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