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Higher Music State Make Long-Awaited Comeback with Eclectic Album ‘Overboard’

In 2009, a London-based act named Higher Music State put out their debut album ‘The First’, a folky and rocky record that was pretty well received. Then…nobody heard from them again! With members exploring other musical projects and collaborations, it seemed as if ‘The First’ would be the band’s one and only album. Exactly one week ago, however, Andrea Lewis, Gerard Lewis, and Alex Avery reappeared. They brought with them twelve brand new tracks as well as two new band members in the form of Anna Jackson and Calum Bradbury-Sparvell. 

‘Overboard’ is Higher Music State’s latest record, and gone are the days of being dedicated to just one or two specific genres. Sure, you’ll still find elements of both folk and rock sprinkled throughout the album, but they’ve also heavily expanded their sonic horizons and embraced a wider spectrum of influences. Tunes like the infectious ‘Portrait of Henry’, the alluring ‘Violence’, and the soulfully captivating ‘Wine & Whiskey’ serve as prime examples of this.

Other personal favourites include the driving indie-rock opener ‘Slide off and Die’, the delicate and poignant ‘Eiderdown’, and the mellow vibe that is ‘Principles of Cliff Jumping’. It’s a record that I can see remaining in my rotation for quite some time, and with each listen, one is exposed to additional subtleties and intricacies. A work of art!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Overboard’ on Spotify now:


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