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Deep Cricket Night Returns with Eclectic Album ‘Song of the Siren Saved’

It’s been a long time coming; following up from their previous effort ‘Blue Insomnia Hex’, American rock outfit Deep Cricket Night find their artistic identity almost four years later, having had time to work on their sound and shift into a more melodic and nuanced direction. Granted, the new record is still laden with gritty guitars and fierce riffing. But unlike its predecessor, ‘Song of the Siren Saved’ exudes a more eclectic and wholesome sonic formula, preferring art-rock and classic pop lyricism over all-out traditional rock’n’roll. 

Take for instance ‘Rachel’, the fourth track in the album. In it, Deep Cricket Night rally around a rather dark and dry instrumental, built over acoustic guitars and a charming piano. Lance Drake’s vocals find a more mature tone, delivered with sensibility and real panache. In a way, it’s much easier for the listener to relate, something that will undoubtedly help the group connect to a wider audience. 

‘When You Disappear’ amplifies the sonic environment, exploring fast-paced, dance-inducing new wave and shoegaze solutions which really suit the band. It’s a modern, more fashionable look for a group that’s promising and visibly experienced in its musical prowess. ‘Song of the Siren Saved’ is a worthy musical discovery, one we urge you to undertake now. 

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