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Hannah Robinson Unveils New Single  ‘I’m Sorry I Let You Down’

I have had Hannah Robinson on my musical radar for quite some time now, and frankly, she’s overdue a larger following, at least judging by the incredible quality of her catalogue. Last week she released perhaps one of my favourite tracks so far, a vibrant and evocative rock-pop anthem with a certain dreamy and spacious character to it (shoegaze anyone?). 

‘I’m Sorry I Let You Down’ is the kind of song that delivers a poignant message with elegance and charm, transforming a seemingly emotional offering into a bold, proud gem that’s electrifying and impressive. Reflective and cathartic, the song sees Robinson tackling her own anxiety-related demons, extending an apology to herself for allowing them to take over, especially at nighttime. 

As she explains: “Anxiety is such a universal topic, not confined to my own personal world, so I wanted to create something that resonates more deeply with my listeners. It’s about that relentless struggle when your mind refuses to shut up; that ongoing battle to silence the doubts, but you just can’t seem to defeat them”.

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