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Devon Fouch and Cubanis Share Positive Album ‘Devotion On The Rocks’

Thankfully, I am able to finally write about an eclectic selection of music – we get a lot of emotional records, but from time to time it’s just exciting to receive uplifting stuff – such as ‘Existential’, for instance. A slow banger, as we would define it, the track moves with elegance and incredible groove, incorporating Caribbean influences and hip-hop boldness into a very alluring package. 

Devon Fouch is the talented songwriter and performer behind such a gem. Hailing from Virginia, the nuanced creative teams up with fellow lyricist and rapper Cubanis on a track that’s charming and positive, the perfect entry point for the project’s wider album, ‘Devotion On The Rocks’. There’s a powerful theme behind it, that being the ability to stay grounded in today’s relationship, celebrating the important figures in our lives that make it possible. 

As Fouch explains: “In personal relationships, devotion manifests as a deep, abiding love and commitment to another person. This might be seen in romantic partnerships, familial bonds, or close friendships”. Lyricism aside, ‘Existential and ‘Devotion on The Rock’ are just super vibrant records which are worth a listen. We promise…! 

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