Hannah Robinson Returns with Empowering Gem ‘Rosie’

Newcastle-based Hannah Robinson returns with ‘Rosie’, a record that showcases once again the many nuances making the project such a majestic offering. Oscillating between evocative indie rock and hypnotising and spacious dreamy tones, the track provides the perfect sonic contour for Robinson’s delicate yet intense vocals, taking the listeners on a journey through self-awareness and femininity. In a way, ‘Rosie’ screams empowerment, functioning as Hannah’s personal anthem. 

Delving into the inspiration behind the record, Robinson explains: “I wrote this song as a love letter to myself when I lacked confidence, affirming the thoughts “I am freedom, I am so appealing, I help people’s healing, when they need it” and the more I told myself it, the more I believed it. I wanted this song to embrace the feeling of being my authentic self!”. 

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