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Ghost Party Invites You to Their Psych and Vintage Universe in ‘Severed Hands’

If the chaos of our modern reality becomes too much, you might need some ‘escapism’, as we like to call it. You need art to be able to keep your mind off things, perhaps finding solace in floating freely into the deepest corner of your consciousness… Music can help with that. In fact, I have the perfect band for you. Meet Ghost Party, psych outfit from Texas with a knack for vintage tones and ethereal vocals, delivering material able to transport the listener into a parallel dimension, one where all problems suddenly disappear and the only goal is personal pleasure. 

‘Severed Hands’ is the group’s latest effort, a charming blend of 60s tones and modern indie, all drenched in the magic allure of psych rock. Built over soulful and organic elements such as organs and jangling guitars, the record provides the perfect accompaniment for Ghost Party’s otherworldly vocals, never shy about some good harmonies. 

Ghost Party are McCullough Ferguson, the singer-songwriter and guitarist, drummer Victor Sanchez, and bass/keys player Kendrick Ballard. Together, they have created a sound that pays tribute to the godfathers of psych rock while adding a few modern twists and turns.

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