German Dj TONYC Explores Gloomy and Dark Territories in New Record ‘Trauma’

Growing up in Germany, Jake Benner was able to witness the best electronic music tradition. Absorbing every style – from melodious EDM to manic techno, to pompous trance vibes – the young talent was able to mold himself into a creative and inspired DJ. Identifying himself with the moniker TONYC, Benner started a project that has so far paid off. In particular, he realized to be quite interested in music production, experimenting with original material. Having released a small number of singles in recent years, 2022 saw his most cerebral and gloomy records to date. 

If ‘Unreal’ still had some remnants of EDM and Big Room riffing, newest track ‘Trauma’ re-focus the project on darker, techno-infused matter. To do so, TONYC employs samples of spoken words on a fast-paced, scattered instrumental, sharing a certain minimalism in its production. Bordering rave and psytrance vibes, the record feels like a timeless and never-ending journey into Benner’s inner artistry, exposing a different side of him. Leaving cheesy dance music behind, the German DJ seems ready to step into the next chapter of his career. 

Overall, a well-balanced and charming record from TONYC. 

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