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Gary Dranow Shines Brightly in ‘The King Is Dead’

The keen reader will be very familiar with Utah-based rocker Gary Dranow, having appeared on our blog plenty of times already. In fact, when writing about ‘Mellow Drama’ we previously declared: “Influenced by giants like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, ‘Mellow Drama’ allows for Dranow’s effortlessly superb guitar playing to come to the fore.” 

Now, the talented guitarist and songwriter returns to the new music scene with a stunning slice of old-school classic rock. ‘The King Is Dead’ is a rather catchy and memorable anthem, pairing infectious and gritty guitar riffs with majestic choruses and an easy lyrical formula. After mesmerising his listeners with ‘The King Is Dead’ motif, Dranow engages in a fantastic guitar solo, followed by instrumental shenanigans and female backing vocals. 

Taken from Gary’s previously released album ‘Destiny Road’, The King Is Dead’ is also packed with meaningful lyricism. As he explains: “The King is Dead is a metaphor for Love, Love being The King. When I wrote the song world love was hard to find, with wars, racism, and prejudice tearing love for you brother (or sister)”. 

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